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What are the challenges involved in cloud migration ?

Challenges come with its own solution. Let’s see the list of Cloud Migration Challenges.

There are few which can be overcome if the plan is perfect & the proper POC is done before even starting the actual production migration.

The instance or the VM type that you are selecting on the target cloud may or may not be available to that particular region of the target cloud.

Cause for challenges in cloud migration:

Lack of knowledge of the cloud and its related technologies like Security, Networking and the underlying storage, etc.

Lack of knowledge of the source server and its applications. Sometimes we found the customer never knew that the source server has an AV which is prohibiting the migration process.

Solution to the problem:

The in-house Data Centres and its restricted access through its Firewall to communicate with the source server to complete the migration.

There are a few logical ports that need to be accessible to do cloud migration.

The user on the source server is a sudo user with restricted access to the source also creates multiple issues during migrations to the cloud.

The Source server is locked with Remote Administration through registry [ UAC ]

The change management process of the company which needs multiple levels of approval to do a minor change into the source delays the process of migration.

There are multiple and the list goes on & on.

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