Database Migration Service

Migrate your Data to a more safe and secure Cloud Platform

Data is highly valuable to any company. But if not managed properly, the data might become unwieldy. If you have decided to collate your data in a proper manner and migrate it to a new database under professional guidance, it is important to hire a firm with the needed competence to get the job done.
Our database migration services help for hassle-free transfer and storage of data in the preferred file formats and storage types. Our team of experts carefully evaluate the migration process and execute it with ease. With advanced database migration tools and methods, the process becomes seamless.

Enhanced Data Transfer for 100x Speed

RiverMeadow's powerful SaaS Cloud Migration platform and Managed Migration Services make the migration to the cloud a speedy and easy process, regardless of the size and complexity of the database. The unique Enhanced Data Transfer (EDT) engine dramatically improves the speed and robustness of the data transfer. With a fast file copy and block level synchronisation over your WAN at speeds up to 100x faster than your current solution, the database can be migrated without losing any file attributes or settings. You can even migrate data from just an application using our Data Only Migration capability.

Data Only Migration

With our Data Only Migration capability, you can now migrate the data alone from an application across platforms, clouds and OS versions without carrying out a full migration. What this means is that you can focus your efforts and network bandwidth on only the elements concerning your migration. Most importantly, it gives you a much greater likelihood of meeting your cutover deadline.

Lia Infraservices_Data only Migration allows to migrate only data from an application across various platform, clouds and OS

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