OpenStack Cloud Migration

With our overwhelming cloud migration services to many enterprise customers, we have started to get the request to migrate their servers into the Openstack.

Our automated cloud migration approach uses the openstack API to talk to the openstack cloud through different ports for different services for openstack.

  •  Keystone (identity) port 5000
  •  Cinder (volume) port 8776
  •  Neutron (network) port 9696
  •  Nova (compute) port 8774
  •  Glance (image) port 9292

Our openstack cloud migration does not require any source access to install any agent, we execute some scripts to gather the attributes from source and with the collected information, we model the target VM and perform the openstack cloud migration.

OpenStack Cloud Migration Requirement:

Openstack cloud migration and it’s preparation

  •  We require the user on the Openstack needs Member role not the Admin role.
  •  A single member should be associated with a project or multiple projects.
  •  Project should have Quota enabled for Compute, Volume & Network.
  •  Admin role user is mostly used to create an external Network.
  •  Volume cannot be deleted if there is any snapshot associated to that volume.
  •  The Openstack network should have a routable path to connect the production server.

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