A cloud migration not in a week or month but in hours.

Our smart cloud migration approach doesn't need any source hypervisor access. We call our cloud migration as smart, because of its discovery feature which determines if the cloud migration would be successful or not.

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Benefits of Cloud migration

Why migrate to cloud


Vertical&Horizontal scaling as per the requirement.

Time to market

Cloud allows having a ready server in few clicks in minutes.

On DemandComputing

Pay for the resources which are used.
No Initial investment is required.


It provides a high level of availability.
There is no need to maintain an infrastructure for failover.

Cloud Migrations to different clouds

Be a part of our cloud migration Success stories

We are a part of the success story for many of our customer's successful cloud Migrations. we have seen 47% of the cloud migrations happened on AWS alone for the year 2018 and our 2019 is packed with more number of migrations compared to the year 2018.

Number of Cloud Migration performed

Over 9000 successful cloud migrations, we did for the year 2018 into different supported Cloud.

Why Choose us?

Core Knowledge

We are knowledgable and we are good at what we do. Migration is a complex process and knowing the prerequisites and target cloud limitation is must. Provide a solution to migrate a complex workload.


We are using RiverMeadow as a Saas based migration tool, we are considered as an SME, as we work on both frontend and backend.

World class support

We have been rewarded with appreciation and recognization for our dedication and reliability to provide support during migration.

Customer First Attitude

We have been tremendously dedicated to our customer success, because we believe our success is directly proportional to our customer success.

Track Record

We are delighted that we are consistantly maintaining a wonderful track record of successful migration to all our supported target cloud.

Frequently Release

We love to hear from our customer. We release our products with new added features, to facilitate wide variety of options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Saas Migration tool

  Low Risk:

Servers are cloned so source machines stay running with minimal impact on day-to-day business, no roll-back plan required (your source is your backup) Fully Automated to reduce cost, time and risk

  Highest Success Rates:

Pre-flight migration capability confirms if a workload will successfully migrate prior to cutover.


Conducts unlimited concurrent migrations


Customizes cloned servers to project requirements

Highest Rate of Return compared with other tools (including Free Tools) or manual migrations.

A SaaS based cloud Migration Tool

  We have been a premium partner of a SaaS based cloud Migration Tool.

  The in-place OS upgrade feature makes the tool most sought after cloud migration tool.

  Our Cloud Migration SaaS based tool, reduces the over head cost, the server maintenance & migration system upgrade

  It is a smart cloud migration tool, thanks to its discovery feature.

  It is simple as it does not install any agent on the source and hence less load on source server.

  It is low-rick tool, which runs live migration, clones the server which reduces the roll-back plan.

  The tool is scalable as it conducts multiple migrations parellel.

  The tool has Enhanced Data Transfer tool, which helps migrate your data much faster.

  The tool has a world class support team, who are ready to provide solution to your migration issues.

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