AWS Cloud Migration

Migrate to the Most Secure Platform with Ease

AgentlessCloud Migration to & AWS:

With the increase in demand for agility and flexibility, companies are shifting their traditional IT systems and applications to the cloud to reap the benefits of the technology in an efficient and profitable manner. This is clearly evident from the statistics suggesting that the cloud computing services market will hit the $70 billion mark by 2020.

The use of cloud computing has expanded into every organisation in recent times. With AWS cloud migration services, you have access to a suite of elastic IT infrastructure as your business demands.

RiverMeadow & AWS Integration

RiverMeadow's SaaS Cloud Migration Platform offers high performance and secure workload migrations into AWS. The agent-less AWS migration solution promises secure, efficient and automated x86 workload migrations into AWS VPS environments. Live AWS migrations are carried out without having any impact on the source environment. We help you build a cloud migration strategy for moving your IT systems and applications to the AWS cloud at a minimal cost and effort.

Our AWS Cloud Migration Services ensures a phase-driven step-by-step strategy to migrate your existing IT systems to the AWS Cloud. This comes with the following

Key Benefits:

 No Software Installation required on source production environment.

 Minimal Change Management requirements for source production.

 Fast and Secure Workload Migration into AWS.

 Live workload clone allows target workload test/validation before final cut over to AWS.

 Intuitive and Easy to Navigate Web-Delivered User-Interface.

 Full Featured APIs for Automation: RESTful APIs allow for automation of migration patterns on a scale.

Sample Use Cases

Migrate from any physical, virtual, or cloud source

AWS VPC customer environments




AWS (V2C, no dependencies on source hypervisor APIs)


AWS (C2C, no dependencies on source cloud APIs)

AWS Classic

VPC Migrations

AWS Cross-Region Migrations

As an Amazon Partner Network (APN) member with multiple AWS competencies, RiverMeadow is able to deliver a platform-rich AWS migration experience to customers. We satisfy a wide mix of migration use-cases across enterprise, government, and systems integration environments.

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