Why Migrate to Cloud

Vertical & Horizontal scaling as per the requirement.

Cloud allows having a ready server in few clicks in minutes.

Pay for the resources which are used.

No Initial investment is required.

It provides a high level of availability.

There is no need to maintain an infrastructure for failover.

How We can help you

We the premium partner of RiverMeadow embeds our cloud migration experience for over 5 years and uses their smart technology to enhance our expertise in migrating and facilitates the lift and shift of servers from a physical/virtual environment to cloud.

Why Choose Us

Our Cloud Migration Partner

RiverMeadow, our proud partner in cloud migration services is a pioneer in the migration industry with high satisfying customer records incorporates their brilliant innovation “RiverMeadow Cloud Migration tool“ is most affordable and safest cloud migration tool in the market which has a high success rate in the last three years with proven records. Important features are fully automated agent less migration, high data transfer and highly accurate pre-flight analysis ensures easy, quick, safe and successful migrations.

Frequently Asked Questions


Servers are cloned so source machines stay running with minimal impact on day-to-day business, no roll-back plan required (your source is your backup) Fully Automated to reduce cost, time and risk

No Change Management required:

No agents to install on the source, no source hypervisor access required.

 Highest Success Rates: Pre-flight migration capability confirms if a workload will successfully migrate prior to cutover.

 Scalable:Conducts unlimited concurrent migrations

 Extensible:Customizes cloned servers to project requirements

 Highest Rate of Return compared with other tools (including Free Tools) or manual migrations.

 We have been a premium partner of RiverMeadow which has already tasted the success into the migration industry.

 RiverMeadow is a SaaS based tool, which reduces the over head cost, the server maintenance & migration system upgrade.

 RiverMeadow is a smart tool, thanks to its discovery feature.

 It is simple as it does not install any agent on the source and hence less load on source server.

 It is low-rick tool, which runs live migration, clones the server which reduces the roll-back plan.

 RiverMeadow is scalable as it conducts multiple migrations parellel.

 RiverMeadow has Enhanced Data Transfer tool, which helps migrate your data much faster.

 RiverMeadow has a world class support team, who are ready to provide solution to your migration issues.

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